5 Simple Truths About Vision Boards And How They Work

I’ve had a vision board now for many years and they absolutely work if done correctly.  The problem is, that many people absolutely do not use them in the way they should.

Below I will tell you how to properly make items on your vision board become a reality, but be warned, this will take hard work and effort.  Something you probably didn’t want to hear, but it had to be said and you needed to hear it.  Keep reading it gets better…
Just the thought of putting vision board ideas together can be too much for most people.
  • What do you want on your board?
  • What areas of your life do you want to improve?
  • Where are you going to get the images and pictures from?
  • Printing images or cutting them out of magazines.
  • Hunting down just the right image that stirs you.
  • Purchasing a cork board (this is the one I upgraded to a couple years back)
  • Arranging all your images so they fit on your board.
  • Hanging your board in a spot where you can see it multiple times a day.
  • Updating your images every three months and so on….

Some will quit before they get started, some will make it half way through and then even more will finish it half-ass and set it aside.  You know like the ones I see all the time under desks and in closets…yeah those.

For those who finish and put in the effort to create their ultimate vision board, the work is really just starting.

Most of us won’t be the lucky few who don’t have to do anything.  You know, you’ve heard the stories about people creating a vision board, setting it aside and then forgetting about it for years.  They pack it away in a closet, in a box for a move or it goes into storage.  Then o

ne day several years down the road they stumble across it, look at the pictures and…BAM…their visions have come true.  Without any effort or thought about it they now have the million dollar house, the new car, happy family, traveled the world and work out eight days a week.

Sorry, nope…it doesn’t happen like that.

How To Make A Vision Board

Before we get started I’ll answer the question “What is a vision board.”

A vision board, sometimes called a dream board or an inspiration board is only a tool. A powerful tool that if used correctly can help you to stay focused on your life goals and aspirations.  The vision part represents anything you want to do, have, or be in life.  The board can quite literally be any object that can hold images and/or pictures of your vision.  So for example, if you wanted to become an epic surfer like Matt Wilkinson or Tyler Wright you would clip pictures of them surfing, a new surfboard, an ocean wave, beaches and such that move you and paste/tack them to your board.  Look at them daily and BAM…you will automagically become a great surfer.  Well it’s not that easy and sadly most people think it is.

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hree Things Every Vision Board Must Have

These three categories are pillars on my vision board.  Yours might be different and probably should.  The beauty of a vision board is that they are as unique as a fingerprint.  No two boards should be the same, and…yours will change and evolve over time.  I’ve broken my most important sections down into the Do, Have and Be sub-categories for easy reading.


  • Do:
  • Have:
  • Be:

For me this includes eating right and exercising.  So, on my board I have delicious looking foods from around the world.  I don’t like to eat the same thing all the time and cook several times a week so some of my favorites are salads, Mediterranean and Mexican dishes.  With exercising I have pictures of weights at the gym, people outside being active,


  • Do:
  • Have:
  • Be:

Friends fall under this category as well, at least they do for me.


  • Do:
  • Have:
  • Be:

Any business can fall under this, personal, a company you work for, higher education for career advancement etc.

Other Categories For Consideration

  • Fame
  • Creativity
  • Wisdom
  • Charity
  • Wealth
  • Spirituality
  • Travel

So after you break down your areas, start looking for images that would fit with them and be inline with your thoughts, visions and dreams.  You’ll probably find out that your board will run out of space.  If so, keep them the less important ones set aside and bring them back out on your three month review.

You Must Visualize Your Vision Board

So, it’s great to have a completed vision board sitting there.  You’ve put many hours into thinking about what should be on it, how to lay it out and now it’s prominente position on your wall, desk or otherwise.

However, if you don’t do this one step you might as well just put your board under your desk and forget about it.  Because if you don’t actually set the time aside to visualize these things you want they just wont’ happen, plain and simple.

Now you must visualize the images on your board.  For me I set aside at least three minutes (sometimes longer) each day for visualization.  This visualization comes directly after my meditation and is part of my morning routine (workout, journaling, etc.)

Here’s what you need to do.  Sit in front of your board for a few moments and pic out a couple images you want to concentrate on.  Hold these images in your mind, close your eyes and focus on what they would look like in real life.  From the surfing example above picture yourself on the wave, water splashing you in the face, the board bouncing under your feet and the warm sunshine on your body.  Your riding the biggest wave of your life and you are killing it, all the way back to the beach.  You need to visualize as much as you can, so much in fact that you stir up emotions and feelings surrounding the vision.  Do this again but now envision it being one, three or five years out.  Now make the vision even grander and more vivid, build on each vision like this every time.

Sometimes the vision isn’t as strong as you might have hoped.  This could be for two reasons, lack of clarity on what you want or you just don’t really care about that vision as much as you thought.  Either way it’s ok.  Move onto the second image you had in mind and try that one like you did above.  If, a few weeks down the road you still don’t have clarity and strong emotions for that vision consider taking it off of your board on the next update.

Family Vision Boards

When I upgraded my vision board a couple years back my wife and two daughters took interest as well.  They would see me update it and talk about things but once they realized what was happening they created their own.  Now we all update our board together and we’ve even kicked it up a notch so we could help each other with certain visions.

Each quarter we choose someones vision and post it to a family vision board we have in the mudroom.  We come and go through the mudroom so this seemed like a logical place to post the family board.  The visions we put here are then shared on a daily basis with all family members and we focus on helping each other accomplish or check off that vision as we move thr

ough our weekly and monthly plans.

Quarterly Vision Board Updates

Life changes and so will your boards.  Something that you add today might not be a good fit in six or twelve months, you just never know and that’s completely ok.  That’s why it’s good to update your board at least several times a year.

By updated your board you force yourself to once again refocus on what is the most important to you.  The trip to Mexico with the guys for a scuba vacation might be replaced with a family vacation to Hawaii.  Priorities change and life can through you some wicked curve balls so don’t beat yourself up if you just don’t feel it anymore.

Changing a few things each quarter isn’t a big deal.  However, if you find yourself wiping the board clean and starting over every few months you need to reevaluate your visions, what you ultimately want out of life and what’s most important to you.  Look at your core values and then work backwards if you find yourself in this position.

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