Passive Income? Yeah I Do That…

If You Are Looking For A Professional Passive Income Stream Generator, You Have Come To The Right Place.

You can look for passive income ideas on Reddit, or you can continue reading and find out how it is really done.

First let’s get something straight…passive income isn’t “really” passive income, but you can get it damn close. Let me explain…

You’ve heard people talk about it.

You’ve read it online, on sites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and others.  Below I outline sites I’ve sold online for passive income.  These sites were sold on Flippa a world renowned company for buying and selling website for profit.

December 2009 – $80,000 (sold on Flippa)

April 2010 – $2300 (sold on Flippa)

April 2010 – $30,000 (sold on Flippa)

December 2010 – $10,000 (sold on Flippa)

May 2011 – $250,000 (private sale)

September 2014 – $11,500 (sold on Flippa)

August 2016 – $60,000 (private sale)

March 2020 – $100,000 valuation (partnership agreement)

Now what these new owners have done with their sites since I sold, is up to them. I mention this because even though a site is making “passive income” it still needs a little time and attention. You can’t buy a $10k a $50k or even a $100k+ site and sit on it expecting it to make you a millionaire, that’s not how this works.  You need to show some attention, put in a little time and manage the VA’s (virtual assistants) running it for you.  Most sites are just an hour or two a week that I build and sell.  That’s about as passive of an income as you can hope for with the return they have.

Right now you are asking yourself “how can I get in on making some of this passive income?”  And…I’m here to tell you how.  Check back soon as I build out my site or use the contact form to get in touch if you are ambitious.

More soon…