Author Edita A Petrick Told Us This “You Need To Scale Down Your Ambitions”…REALLY?

For Those Who Know Author Edita A Petrick, This May Come As A Surprise…
For Those Who Don’t…It Might Not?

I own and operate many websites (most passive income) with the help of various contractors from sites like  For the most part all sites I own, will have at least one contact form.  Any website where a transaction takes place most definitely has a contact form and one or two other ways for visitors and customers to contact us.

Most of the time when visitors or customers reach out its for simple things like website suggestions, inquiring about contract work, re-scheduling a promotion, maybe something happened during checkout or a manual invoice is needed.  Everything we do is digital, so no need for tracking numbers or shipping products at this time.

A little bit ago, we received one of the most motivational emails that I’ve ever received (see below).  It’s motivational because it fuels the jet…FTJ…FTJ!

On the site in question (ebook promotional site), our repeat customers account for a growing portion of our business, so things are working well.  In addition to that, we’ve never had anything but positive vibes and helpful feedback in over two plus years online with this business.

This for me was some positive motivation, in the twisted kind of way that I thrive on.  I would say that it gave me an extra boost for about a week, so thank you author Edita A Petrick for that.  If you would like to keep sending them every few weeks I wouldn’t be upset about it.

Here’s what she said, with some commentary from me (in italics).

Edita A PetrickYou need to scale down your ambitions (wow a dagger through the heart for someone who isn’t confident or just starting out. not the best constructive criticism or positive feedback) – raising promo costs is not going to draw in authors (I’ll be the judge of that) – especially indie authors; especially since your site is mediocre 3rd-tier at best. (ouch, another dagger in the throat) Then also loading on top of it $5 here and there for so-called extras that many other promo sites include as a matter of fact (not actually, our upgrades are not done on any other sites)…you did notice that Amazon did NOT reduce its royalties that it lops right off the author’s sales (sorry, not in our control), nor did it reduce its penchant for forcing huge discounts…yes, all promo sites (except BookBub) lose authors’ money (#fakenews, not sure where you got this information) – but paying $25 for a promo that will yield $3.00 or less in sales is…not good business.(get in touch with me, my team can help with your covers and book blurbs)

I think you lost me as a customer here…Edita A Petrick (you are free to make that decision, good luck)

I mention this here because it’s a classic example of, if you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one.  I’m assuming that she either didn’t care for our pricing or didn’t get good results on her book promo.  Either way, it might have been a better approach to just reach out and explain her position.  Instead we get an attack on what we are doing and the service we are providing. I really wish it would have come in with a more constructive approach.  I understand promotions not doing well and there are many reasons for this.  That’s why our site offers a guarantee which I suppose Edita didn’t care to notice.

Then again, it seems like if things don’t go Edita’s way she likes to just say bad things: see here.

Now, I’m not sure if this person was having a bad day or maybe a bad life.  Either way, to tell someone to “scale down your ambitions” is fairly self-deflating and if I wasn’t a grown man this would most definitely be hurtful.  I wonder how a child would handle such words from his mother (possibly grandmother, not sure entirely) on what he wants to do or be in life?

SON (possibly grandson?): “Mom…I want to be something special in life. I want to reach for the moon and change the world.”

MOTHER (possibly grandmother?): “Son, that is crazy talk.  You’ll never amount to nothing, let’s just scale down your ambitions right now.  How about something safe like flipping burgers at Taco Bell?”

Makes me cringe to think what the outcome would be.

Anyone who tells someone else to “scale down their ambitions” should really just keep to themselves.

For the record I worked at Taco Bell growing up and have no ill will towards them or anyone who has worked or who does work there. Additionally, the guarantee still stands to Edita A Petrick if she would like to reach out for a re-run of her failed promotion.

In closing don’t worry about what other people think or say about your.  If you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one.