Smoking Is Good For You

smoking is bad for you

If you smoke electronic cigarettes that is.

Now before I get into this I must disclose that I use to smoke cigarettes and have since quit. Aside from the occasional cigar or flavored cigarette during camping season (which I don’t inhale), I haven’t smoked for about 10 years now.

So with that being the case I might be a hypocrite in this post but I needed to say something.

Why is it that people who smoke electronic cigarettes do so anywhere they want?

Is this legal?

Do they think it is cool?

Are they trying to get attention?

Are they doing this because society as a whole thinks smoking is bad and they want to make a statement by smoking these in public places?

Are they just dumb-asses?

Last night while at dinner this guy comes walking in smoking one of these.  As he comes through the door, he pulls a big drag off of it and exhales it into the air in a “look at me” way.  He caught my attention for sure and before I could completely show my disgust he pulled another drag and started walking over to the table just next to where we were sitting.

As he’s walking and exhaling it seemed like he wanted to get everyone’s attention like Paul Revere riding through the streets of Boston yelling “The British are coming! The British are coming!.”

Now, I would say this was an isolated incident but I’ve seen this exact behavior on three other occasions.

Once in the mall here in town, once at a Colorado Eagles hockey game and another at my daughters Christmas musical of all places.

Now I don’t know the legal and health issues surrounding these electronic cigarettes but I do know this.

The four people I saw brazenly smoking these in places they probably shouldn’t have been smoking them.  All had the same LOOK AT ME attitude going on like the are breaking the law legally or something.

I don’t know the real answer to why these people do this.  Maybe they are just so addicted to smoking they can’t put it down or maybe they just want to be cool like the Fonz.

Either way the guy who had one blazing last night in the restaurant was damn lucky he stopped puffing on that once he got to his table.  Healthy or not, he would have heard it from me since my girls where there.

All I ask is that if you smoke these have enough common decency to not blaze in places that don’t allow smoking.

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Cary Bergeron


  1. Thanks Cary. I am definitely going to switch to electronic cigarettes :)

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