Hitler Declares The RSS Feed Is Officially Dead

We’ve all known for a while that the RSS feeds that so many of us have come to love are dying a slow death.

Google officially announced they are turning off their RSS Reader on July 1st. This didn’t go un-noticed by the Hitler meme creators. If you got a couple minutes check out this video it will at least give you a good laugh on this Friday afternoon.

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Cary Bergeron


  1. This really sucks. I know RSS feeds are “old school” but I use Google Reader daily to monitor a number of blogs – including this one:) I guess I’ll have to find another reader to use now.

    By the way, the movie this parody is made from is awesome (Downfall). I didn’t think I could ever sit through a movie with subtitles but this was an awesome movie – if you’re a WWII buff like I am.

    Travis Van Slooten

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