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What Is “Focus – Achieve – Wealth” Anyways?

  I came up with this tagline because it very simply relates to almost all areas in ones life.  See the definitions and explanations below. Focus (noun): the center of interest or activity What is your focus?  For some it is completing the next big project for others it might be health related and as simple […]

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how to get free wifi

How To Get Free WiFi Anywhere

So today I took my wife’s car into the Toyota dealership to have one of those “mystery” car sounds diagnosed.  You know one of those strange noises that only happens when you are not at the dealership…yeah that one.  Anyways, I sit down in their waiting area and the thought occurs to me to write […]

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how to stay focused

12 Simple Ways To Avoid Distractions And Stay Focused

Here’s my list of 12 things you can do to avoid distractions, stay focused and get more done.  In no particular order and most are free or very little cost.  Now you have not more excuses why you can’t hammer out that next big project.  Avoid distractions, stay focused and get shit done…it’s that simple. […]

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