Looking For A Job? Maybe This Will Help…

find a job onlineDo you know what job stands for?

Just Over Broke.

I’m a huge advocate of working for yourself.  It provides freedom that is unmatched and once you experience it you’ll never want anything else.

However, for those who enjoy the comforts and security of a job here are a few recommendations.

Social media platforms have become more than simple social hang outs; they may now be used to network, launch targeted advertising campaigns, and even search for jobs.  By tweeting about your job search and posting a cry for help on Facebook, you may be able to find potential employment, but if you are a serious job seeker, there are two particularly useful social media platforms.  These two platforms are LinkedIn and Google+, and they are the perfect sites for any job seeker

LinkedIn is a network geared specifically towards gaining connections in the employment and business realm.  LinkedIn allows you to upload a professional online resume that others may view and critique.  Because the resume is uploaded online, many businesses are now allowing LinkedIn to be used in the hiring process and will often accept your LinkedIn profile as a job application.  What makes an online resume particularly useful is the ability to upload online portfolios.  As an individual or company involved in anything from design and marketing to writing and art, you are able to upload online presentations, web design projects, and even videos for your portfolio as a way to give employers a taste of your professional talent [Continue reading]

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How To Improve Facebook Likes By Being Funny

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The New Yahoo Homepage And Why It Rocks


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Ranking In Google Just Got ALOT Easier With Keyword Canine 2.0


There have been some major upgrades to the search engine optimization suite Keyword Canine 2.0. These upgrades make it so much easier to do SEO, keyword research and analysis to rank in Google. Tomorrow, February 11th,  KC 2.0 is being released … [Continue reading]

Smoking Is Good For You

smoking is bad for you

If you smoke electronic cigarettes that is. Now before I get into this I must disclose that I use to smoke cigarettes and have since quit. Aside from the occasional cigar or flavored cigarette during camping season (which I don't inhale), I … [Continue reading]